Production Oriented Theatre Acting Weekend Workshop

From : 20/08/2022 To : 15/01/2023
Start time : 2:00 PM End time : 5:00 PM

Theatre Group : Rangshila Theatre Group
Faculty : BNA/FTI/NSD
Venue : Rangshila Theatre

Mumbai - 400102, Maharashtra, India
Production Oriented Theatre Acting Weekend Workshop
Are you looking out to polish your skills in acting? Come and be a part of our intensive Acting course at Rangshila and get an opportunity to execute it in a performance by the end of your course on Stage!

We, at Rangshila are inviting all aspiring actors to our Performance Oriented Acting Course under our "Parados to Stage" training program ('Parados' a Greek word meaning 'The side entrance to the stage used by the actors during a performance'), a stupendous platform focusing on the nitty-gritty of major techniques of Theatre and Acting. Our 4.5 Months long syllabus has been designed by a coterie of Theatre professionals from reputed institutes like NSD, BNA & FTII.

It explores major theatre techniques viz.,

1) Body & Mind Activities,
2) Voice & Speech,
3) Improvisation,
4) Character & Characterization,
5) Major Acting Styles,
6) Scene Work for Ancient Drama, Classical Drama, Modern Realistic Pattern.

Only 15 seats Available > First Come First Serve Basis

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