From : 26/09/2021 To : 27/09/2021
Start time : 5:30 PM End time : 7:30 PM

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Venue : Online
In her book of essays, "What's the Story?" Anne Bogart expounds that the event of remembering what happened is in fact the creation of something new".

Script analysis helps you remember the story in its purest form all through rehearsals and performances. It fulfils the axiom to think before you act so that when you act, you don't have to think.

In this masterclass over two sessions, Sahitya Akademi winning playwright, filmmaker and stage director Mahesh Dattani, brings 40 years of experience as a storyteller. He will use one of his plays - Dance Like A Man, to walk us through the breakdown of a script from events, places, time, people, from the expanse of the story's origins to the end beyond the script. At the same time, also looking at specificities in a scene beat by beat.

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