From : 24/04/2021 To : 24/04/2021
Start time : 12:00 PM End time : 3:00 PM

Theatre Group : META 2021
Faculty : Lillete Dubey
Venue : Online

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Breaking down the craft of direction in theatre, the workshop will guide the participants on how to bring together various elements of theatre production in order to create a successful play. The session will focus on working with performers, composers, stage designers, costume designers, choreographers and other members of the professional crew, learning and exploring the numerous visual, dramatic, and technical cues and finally demonstrating how the storyline shines through for the audience to enjoy the show.

Lillete Dubey:
Lillette Dubey is a renowned Indian film, television and theatre actor and a theatre director. She has been Artistic Director of The Primetime Theatre Company for over 29 years and her theatrical work, as both actor and director, has received much acclaim nationally and internationally. She has performed in several TV series and in over 60 films in India and abroad, including short films for digital platforms and has won several Best Actress awards for her plays and films in national & international festivals. She has been on the Expert Committee of the Ministry of Culture, has curated the Serendipity Festival , has been on the jury of several theatre and film festivals, and is a trustee of Nrityagram.

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