Theatre Directing Diploma Program

From : 01/04/2024 To : 30/09/2024
Start time : 12:00 PM End time : 5:00 PM

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Theatre Directing Diploma Program

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Program of Theatre Directing Diploma Course is developed to give you a professional and very special education, we emphasize only on the needs of directors. How to become a professional director, how to work with actors, with composers, with set designer, with costume designers, with choreographers, with producers and with theatre staff.

Next Intake: April 2024 & September 2024

Learn how to:

Read and analyze a play

Formulate a plot

Work with your colleagues in theatre

Communicate with actors effectively

Use director’s tools to prepare actor for role

Be prepared for the first meeting with actors

You can apply this knowledge in:

Theatre production, Puppetry, Classical theatre, Contemporary and devised theatre, Opera, Fashion industry

The key learning objective of the program focuses on theoretical and practical tasks to help students explore:

how to read and analyze a play, how to formulate a plot and super-objective of the performance;

what theatre director should know to be prepared for the first meeting with actors;

how to lead actors from first meeting to performance;

how to work with your colleagues in theatre (composer, stage designer, others);

what tools should directors have to prepare actor for role;

how to choose and apply method of rehearsing and technique of acting;

postproduction of performance.

Spring 2024 Admission Dates

Jan 1, 2024 :Application Deadline

Mar 1, 2024: Late Applications

Apr 1, 2024: Classes Begin

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