TRIAL & ERROR ( Acting Workshop)

From : 26/04/2021 To : 14/05/2021
Start time : 10:30 AM End time : 1:00 PM

Theatre Group : EARTH THETARE
Faculty : Gagan shrivastava
Venue : online
103 chitragupt nagar kotra sultanabad Tt nagar
BHOPAL - 462003, Jivan jyoti hospital, India

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We are happy to announce a 3 week long (online) Acting Workshop for aspiring actors & Performers from all over India. This workshop is Based on two important aspects of Actor Training! Imagination & Speech (Monologue/Soliloquies)

1: Imagination is the most important tool in the craft of acting, in order to portray the very essence of the character, an actor should possess strong command over the imaginary circumstances, only than he/she can behave truthfully on stage.

In this workshop we will work on Imagination which is predominately dependent on observation not only using the eyes but also using all the 5 sensory correct and accurate elements that creates specific details/images, texture, Color, size, smell in your mind and body until it becomes true to you.

2: The Speech proves to be the most challenging aspect of the craft, it needs complete engagement of the Body-mind-voice in order to communicate the very essence, truth the actual soul of the character.

We will work towards the psycho-physical side of it where every single word, gesture, action by the actor is guided through the inner happenings/thoughts of the character and not the actor himself. We will investigate/ work on the 5 Ws, subtext, inner monologue, objective, sub unites of the chosen monologue in order to serve the super objective of the character and more so the complete text.

Workshop will be conducted by Gagan Shrivastava, alumni NSD 2017 & MPSD 2013.
Number of Seats :10
Number of session: 15, Monday to Friday.

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