Workshop for women

From : 08/03/2024 To : 08/03/2024
Start time : 4:00 PM End time : 6:00 PM

Theatre Group : Idea
Faculty : Mujeeb Khan
Venue : Shakuntalam Studio, Adarsh Nagar Andheri.
Workshop for women
Ideal drama and entertainment academy (IDEA) has come up with the workshop for the women. It is to celebrate womanhood and encourage women to do what they love, this workshop will also help women to voice their opinion and speak out loud. There is no age barrier. The workshop will be held by writer director and theatre activist, Mr. Mujeeb Khan ‘Limca book of record and Worldwide records holder’. Technically this workshop will cover a gist of body culture, voice culture and dictionary of Hindi/ Urdu. The long list of Ideaites ‘Ishrat Ali, Ali Asgar, Sai Raj, Rohit Pathak (Telugu), Ruslan Mumtaz, Nakul Mahta, Rohit Khandelwal, Siddharth Arora, Manisha Kelkar, Vikramjit Virk (Tamil), Vijay Badlani, Neha Prakash ( Bhojpuri)

Theatre Workshop Fees : 500

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