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Writer : Nimmy Raphel
Director : Nimmy Raphel
Cast : Meedhu Miriyam, Sooraj S, Anil Iyer

URMILA Story : 

Urmila was the sister of Sita, princesses born to King Janaka of Mithila, while Sita was famed for her beauty and charm, Urmila, no less lovely, was known for her calm. When Sita wed Rama of Ayodhya, Urmila wed his brother, Lakshmana.

Lakshmana was so devoted to Rama and Sita that he followed them into exile for fourteen years, leaving Urmila behind. To serve them in their waking hours and guard them in their sleep, he begged for the boon of sleeplessness- for fourteen years! On their first night of exile, the sleep goddess appeared before Lakshmana and offered him that boon on the condition that someone else had to slumber for fourteen years in his stead. Lakshmana unhesitatingly nominated Urmila and she joyfully accepted that task of sleeping for fourteen years to allow her beloved husband to serve Rama and Sita with full devotion. Hearing of Urmila’s unparalleled sacrifice, known as Urmila Nidra, Sita proclaimed that no one else would match Urmila’s fate because she was the embodiment of devotion and selflessness, a true example of love and sacrifice, for all to witness.

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