Writer :  Pranav Tripathi
Director :  Paarth Desai
Cast :  Sejal Shah, Paarth Desai, Jigna Trivedi, Achalash pandya, Amita Rajda, Kapil Bhuta, Purvi Mehta, Rajesh Solanki


By MTG editorial

MBA - Mane Badhu Aavde is the colourful journey of a widow Tarla Divecha who migrated from Surat to Mumbai upon her husband's death. She was a School teacher and B.A. in the Gujarati language. Upon her reaching Mumbai at her son's place she envisages many problems the biggest one is being unable to use the smartphone. In the hustle and bustle of city life, there is no one who has time or will to teach the phone including his own son, grandson, and daughter-in-law, and to add insult to injury they all ridicule her for being smartphone illiterate. One fine day an incident happens that changes her mindset and she pledges to learn the smartphone and takes a vow to master all its applications and turn into a mobile MBA. Does she succeed? What challenges does she face in the process? How do others especially senior citizens react to this collective plight? Get answers to all these questions to come alive in M.B.A. Mane Badhu Aavde.

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