Writer :  Prashant Dalvi
Director :  Chandrakant Kulkarni
Cast :  Rohini Hattangadi, Kadambari Kadam, Mukta Barve, Parna Pethe, Shreyas Raje, Ninad Limaye ,Parth Ketkar


By MTG editorial

'CHARCHAUGHI' is a journey of four women who have shaken off the bondage of a patriarchal society and are moving along the path of realization of their personalities. The play is Written by Prashant Dalvi and directed by Chandrakant Kulkarni. This proved to be a big hit and created history in the decade 1990-2000. It is still considered a milestone in Marathi Theatre.

The play portrays the story of a mother and her three daughters making very unusual decisions in their lives according to their independent thinking. Though these decisions are personal they represent the emotions of women in general. It also throws new light on man-woman relationships. Now after 31 years, ‘CHARCHAUGHI' is coming on stage with a totally fresh cast and technicians. The play is produced by Jigisha.
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   CHARCHAUGHI Play Schedule(s)
 8:30 PM, Sat, June 15 Acharya Atre Natya Rangmandir, Mumbai (map link)
 4:00 PM, Sun, June 16 Prabodhankar Thackrey Auditorium, Mumbai (map link)

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