4 Day Acting Workshop

From : 12/11/2018 To : 15/11/2018
Start time : 12:00 PM End time : 3:00 PM

Theatre Group : Indriyaan Theatre Group & Performing Arts School
Faculty : Ashwin Agrawal
Venue : The Castiko Space
121, Aram Nagar 2, Versova
Mumbai - 400053, Maharashtra, India

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Each class is 3 hours in length everyone works individually in every class, doing an instrumental exercise, a monologue, scene or scene parallel on Eric Morris system to work on the instrument of actor which is body,mind, voice and emotion .
Using Eric Morris System we identify your blocks and obstacles which might come in way when you perform, freeing the actor from blocks is important so he/she can function from organic place as and when required on moment to moment basis .
We will be doing character work by making character using Animals, Reformed bodies in space and Energy centre in body & Psychological part giving you different questions to ask to character making your character look interesting and unique on stage or camera.Great acting involves the successful evaluation of dynamics and finesse in performance. This 4 day class will provide you with an intellectual, psychological, physical and spiritual approach to creating layered characters. You will learn how to break down scripts, analyze characters, make dynamic choices, and organize those choices in a cohesive way. You will learn skills that help you to create emotional vibrancy, identify transitional moments, and maintain your character's scene objective in a chaotic set environment, which will be vital for your career success. You will also learn technical knowledge of on-camera acting, blocking, continuity, lighting and how to handle yourself on a set. Work outside of class is expected.
*Auditioning*( Purpose of Scene, Monologues, Storypoint & Character Revelation)
Enjoy the challenge of the audition process and take the fear out of cold readings. Learn how to handle your script and stay in the moment with authentic, relationship-driven behavior. Identify and hone your unique qualities and learn to bring your self to your acting work to create rich characters with vibrant relationships. Actors will work on-camera using a variety of scripted material.
Theatre Workshop Fees : 4500

Important Note : Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for outcome of theatre workshops. Interested participants may attend them at their own discretion.

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