The Three Worlds (Introduction) with Akhshay Gandhi

From : 07/08/2021 To : 07/08/2021
Start time : 6:00 PM End time : 9:00 PM

Theatre Group : Jairangam Jaipur Theatre Festival
Faculty : Akhshay Gandhi
Venue : Watch On Zoom
The Three Worlds (Introduction) with Akhshay Gandhi
Akhshay Gandhi and Artkhoj bring to you a creative journey into the art and craft of storytelling.

About the workshop:

This is an extensive workshop in imagination and craft of being a storyteller. It is designed as a journey for each individual to explore the storyteller within themselves. It will enable you to give shape to your stories, in a way thatís distinctly yours.
Recommended for writers, directors, storytellers, artists and anyone who is passionate about storytelling.
The Three Worlds is one of the workshops of Still Space Theatre.

Dive with us to explore:

Fundamentals of story content
Structures & techniques of form
Relationship between storyteller & medium

What will be covered:

Exploring fundamental principles beneath a range of stories including, personal experiences, mythology, facts, events, etc.
Creating Stories: We shall cultivate our creative muscles to imagine new stories set in our own imaginary world.
Shaping the stories: Layering our stories with ideas, structures, words, relationships etc to shape them in a compelling way.
Working with the craft of being a storyteller: What makes the storyteller powerful is her/his capacity to articulate and communicate the infectious energy of the story and living through it with the craft of body-mind, voice and imagination.
Discovering form: A story can be shaped into a film script or in a poem. What makes the form and how we can design our own form for creating an intriguing experience.
In a supportive environment of feedback & learning, participants shall research and practice stories that move them and through the unique use of storytelling elements and structures share the story with us.
As a growing community, we work together as a group, continue to be part of each other's journey and share stories.

Theatre Workshop Fees : 7500

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