Lillete Dubey’s ‘The PrimeTime Theatre Company’ Celebrates its 15th Anniversary...

The Primetime Theatre Company celebrates its 15th anniversary with a Theatre Festival at Prithvi and at the NCPA experimental theatre. The festival includes some of the company’s best-loved plays. The productions are widely different, both stylistically and thematically, and belong to different genres, but share one common thread. They are all indigenous and original products, written by Indian authors and set in a distinctively Indian mileu. These are all plays that have traveled widely in India and abroad, (from Singapore to San Francisco) and have played at several national and international festivals.

(PLEASE NOTE: Due to the World Cup all shows will start at 8 pm and will be over by 10 - 10.15 latest)

4th July Tuesday 8 pm at PRITHVI THEATRE &
20th July Thursday 7 pm at NCPA EXPERIMENTAL

WOMANLY VOICES by Wajeda Tabassum, Mahashweta Devi and Gita Mehta

Produced, adapted and directed by Lillete Dubey.
Three wonderful stories by three amazing women writers... humane, humorous, haunting!
Cast: Zafar Karachiwala, Deepika Deshpande, Joy Sengupta, Neha Dubey, Suchitra Pillai, Sephra Abraham

5th July Wednesday 8 pm at PRITHVI THEATRE &
19th July Wednesday 7 pm at NCPA EXPERIMENTAL

30 DAYS IN SEPTEMBER by Mahesh Dattani

Directed and produced by Lillete Dubey
A gripping tale of love and betrayal between a mother and a daughter.
Cast: Neha Dubey, Joy Sengupta, Amar Talwar, and Lillete Dubey

With over 75 shows in India and abroad this powerful tale delves into forbidden waters with delicacy and compassion and was originally commissioned by an NGO.

6th July Thursday -8 pm & 7th July Friday -8 pm at PRITHVI THEATRE &
21st July Friday -7 pm at NCPA EXPERIMENTAL.

DANCE LIKE A MAN by Mahesh Dattani

Directed and produced by Lillete Dubey
A comic drama set in the world of classical dance
Cast: Vijay Crishna, Suchitra Pillai, Joy Sengupta, and Lillete Dubey

A Primetime classic, ‘Dance Like a Man’ has completed 250 shows and is easily the longest running English play in the country.

8th July Saturday - 5 pm and 8 pm & 9th July Sunday - 5 pm and 8 pm at PRITHVI THEATRE and
22nd July Saturday - 7 pm & 23rd July Sunday - 7 pm at NCPA EXPERIMENTAL.

SAMMY by Partap Sharma

Produced and directed by Lillete Dubey
The very human face of the incredible Mahatma Gandhi from his earliest days to his struggle for independence revealed through his relationships with Kasturbha, Jawahar, Sarojni, Jinnah, and Lord Irwin complete with Mahatma Gandhi’s hallmark humour.
Winner of Best Play, Best Actor, Best Original Script, Best Costume Design- Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META) 2006
Cast: Joy Sengupta, Neha Dubey, Denzil Smith, Zafar Karachiwala, Ravi Dubey, Vikrant Chatturvedi, Asif Ali Beg and Anuradha Menon.

*Mumbai Theatre Guide does not take any responsibility for change in schedule. The details of the festival have been provided by the ‘Prime Time Theatre Company.’

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