Lillete Dubey's theatre company, Primetime Theatre Co., celebrates 25 years...

January 18, 2016 7:25:45 PM IST
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Primetime Theatre Company, which is founded by theatre and film personality Lillete Dubey, is turning 25 this year. To celebrate the momentous occasion, a festival is taking place at Prithvi Theatre, at Sophia Bhabha hall and at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in the city. Some of the company's highly acclaimed plays such as Mohan Rakesh's ADHE ADHURE, Heather Raffo's 9 PARTS OF DESIRE, Mahesh Dattani's DANCE LIKE A MAN and others will be showcased.

Over the span of 25 years, Primetime Theatre Company has staged various kinds of plays, from tackling the issue of sexual abuse to a play about Gandhi's ideology. The theatre group has tackled different themes. Up next on their agenda is to revive an old play called JAYA, which is a take on the Indian epic Mahabharata but in rock opera style.

Here is the complete schedule of the festival:


15th and 16th January, 2016, 7.30pm:9 PARTS OF DESIRE
About the play: The play showcases the lives of 9 Iraqi women, which is performed by a solo artist.

16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th January, 2016, 11 am: THE DANCING DONKEY
About the play: Inspired by a one-act play written by Leon Chancerel, the play is a story about a donkey, who is stolen by two scoundrels.

17th January, 2016, 4.30pm and 7.30pm: ADHE ADHURE
About the play: Adapted from Mohan Rakesh's short-story, the play follows the story of Savitri - a middle-aged woman - who is dissatisfied with her personal life. She tries to find solace outside marriage only to find further disappointments.

19th January, 2016, 7.30pm: 30 DAYS IN SEPTEMBER
About the play: The play is a powerful and moving story of a mother who discovers the truth about her daughter, which sets them both om a journey of self-discovery.

20th January, 2016, 7.30pm: DANCE LIKE A MAN
About the play: The play tells the story of two Bharatnatayam dancers, Jairaj and Ratna, who are past their prime.

21st January, 2016, 7.30pm: BOILED BEANS ON TOAST
About the play: It is a story about multiple characters such as old lady's tryst with horse riding, a small town youth's sudden passion for prosperity and more.

22nd and 23rd January, 2016, 7.30pm: DANCE LIKE A MAN
About the play: The play is about a middle-class family, who are decent on the outside but jealous and insecure from the inside towards each other.

23rd January, 2016, 11am and 7:30pm: THE DANCING DONKEY
24th January, 2016, 11am: THE DANCING DONKEY

24th January, 2016, 4.30pm and 7pm: WHERE DID I LEAVE MY PURDAH
About the play: It is a comic-drama about an actress who has performed on the stage and screen for more than five decades.

31st January, 2016, 7.30pm: GAUHAR
About the play: The play recounts the fascinating story of India's first mass media superstars at the turn of the last century.

Sophia Bhabha Hall-

7th February 2016, 7pm: AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY

Prithvi Theatre-
13th and 14th February, 11am: THE DANCING DONKEY
13th February, 6pm and 9pm: THE WEDDING ALBUM
14th February, 2016, 5pm and 8pm: ADHE ADHURE
16th and 17th February, 2016, 9pm: 9 PARTS OF DESIRE
18th and 19th February, 2016, 9pm: BOILED BEANS ON TOAST
20th February, 2016, 6pm and 9pm: DANCE LIKE A MAN
21st February, 2016, 5pm and 8pm: GAUHAR

Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for change in schedule.

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