Mahesh Dattani & Avantika Shankar's DANCE ME TO THE END OF LOVE...Three Stories On Romance And Relationships...

July 15, 2019 6:07:43 PM IST
MTG editorial

Co-written by Mahesh Dattani and Avantika Shankar, DANCE ME TO THE END OF LOVE, borrows from the titular song (1984) by the famous Canadian singer-writer Leonard Cohen.

The three stories that make up the performance explore the idea of romance across different age groups and sexual orientation.

Mahesh Dattani has also directed the play. The production is being presented by the NCPA in collaboration with Playpen Performing Arts Trust.

Collaborating with Avantika, Mahesh says that in her writing he found quirky characters. He felt connected. Avantika Shankar who had been part of his playwriting workshop many years ago submitted to him a play called THE DATE. He remembers how the participants could not stop laughing and could relate with the craziness of dating.

Mahesh later asked Avantika to write a companion piece and that was called THE DATED, set in the same cafe as the former piece. The couple is now older and is trying to recall the excitement of their first date.

Mahesh says a few years ago he had written a short story about a queer romance that unfolds online. He decided to dramatise his story with Avantika's stories as a triptych, and this is how DANCE ME TO THE END OF LOVE arrived.

Date: Sunday, 28th July 2019.
Time: 5 pm & 7 pm (Two shows)
Venue: Godrej Dance Theatre, NCPA, Mumbai

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