Launch of Optimus Virtual Live Theatre

September 21, 2020 11:58:19 AM IST
MTG editorial

Bhupendra Deshmukh of Dream Castle Entertainment, has launched Optimus Virtual Live Theatre, which will start on September 25 with Shiv Subrahmanyam's SNAPSHOTS FROM AN ALBUM, starring Divya Jagdale and Hidayat Ali Sami.

Says a note from Deshmukh, "While other art forms like movies, TV and music have still successfully adapted to the digital age, theatre has always struggled due to the limitations of the art form. Much of this limitation comes from it being a live performance and the authenticity and ambience that it creates for the audience. Grappling with a global pandemic has presented us with some opportunities as well as struggles. There are hundreds of artistes, production assistants, light men, spot boys, etc., who are struggling to make ends meet due to this pandemic. Simultaneously, since much of the world is preferring to stay indoors and safe there is a growing demand for unique content that can cross cultural boundaries and add some excitement into our need for entertainment. To support our local artists and to bring theatre to this new digital age, Dream Castle Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is launching Optimus Virtual Live Theatre Starting, 25th of September 2020, we are going live with online theatrical performances in English, Hindi and Marathi.Our audience can watch the shows live as they will be organised according to the specific time zones. We have selected exclusive scripts and theatre productions that fit well into our format and are using the latest technology so that our audience can experience the actual feel of a live show. With lots of love and support from theatre experts, renowned playwrights, technicians and artistes we at Dream Castle Entertainment Pvt Ltd, are putting our best foot forward with the best intentions and wish to provide some economic support to artists and rejuvenate theatre through Optimus Virtual Theatre Live. To include the international community and bring our theatrical magic across borders we will also be scheduling performances for different time zones to accommodate fellow thespians across the world. We have tried our best to keep the price of tickets as low as possible and the shows can be enjoyed by the whole family. Since the purpose of the Optimus is to support theatre troupes the profits of the show will be shared with the entire cast and production team. We would like to invite everyone to be an active member of the Optimus Virtual Theatre Live and help us support and keep Theatre alive during these difficult times."

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