HowlRound for India

July 19, 2021 11:40:28 AM IST
MTG editorial

'A HowlRound for India: A 24-hour marathon of COVID-19 talks with the global theatre community' is a first-of-its-kind event taking place on 20th - 21st July, 2021. It begins at 6:30 pm IST / 9 am ET on Tuesday and ends at 6:30 pm IST / 9 am ET on Wednesday.

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"In this event, over 100 artists from more than 30 countries will come together to spotlight the devastating effect of Covid-19 in India, and to highlight the important work theatre makers around the world have done through the pandemic as artists, relief workers, dissenters and survivors.

"This non-stop 24- hour long conversation also offers a space for theatre artists in their myriad capacities as creators, citizens, activists, care givers, and witnesses to reflect on their personal and political experiences of this global crisis, and share related readings or performances. These artistic responses will pay tribute to the tragic losses borne by the artist community during the pandemic.

"While the event will primarily be hosted in English, presenters are invited to speak in any language of their choosing. Their segments will be live translated into English.

"This free virtual event can be accessed at all times during its 24 hour duration on the HowlRound Theatre Commons website:
This event is organized by Frank Hentschker, Director of CUNY's Segal Center; Abhishek Majumdar, a playwright/director from Bangalore, India; and Mumbai-based director/producer Tanvi Shah.

'A HowlRound for India' is a way for us to share with the world our solidarities and alliances as theatre makers, and reflect on the nature of our global community, not distanced by the virus."

*Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for change in schedule.

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