RANG 2020 – A Digital Arts Festival

April 25, 2020 05:16:09 PM IST
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The RANG festival was instituted by Atul Satya Koushik under the banner of The Films and Theatre Society (FTS) in 2013 and this year, they bring the digitized version of this multi-arts festival.

The festival is a cocktail of play releases, song releases, concert releases, Master Classes by industry experts, celeb interactions, live music and poetry fusion sessions, along with two competitive events on Storytelling and Acting with cash prizes to be won.

It is a seven-day festival with a bouquet of more than 30 online events. The festival is going to feature some prominent names like Piyush Mishra, Annup Sonii, Kamya Panjabi, Aanjjan Srivastav, Arvind Gaur, Dr. M. Sayed Alam, Jatin Sarna and many more.

The Schedule:


Tuesday, 28th April to Sunday, 3rd May – 12 NOON (Release time):

Experts from the Film and Theatre Industry such as Arvind Gaur, Dr. M Syed Alam, Vikas Bhari, Jatin Sarna, Rupesh Tilu, Priyanka Sharma and more will share insights of their professional careers, experiences and tips for aspirants. Register here to be a part of the live interactive session with any or all of these experts.


Thursday, 30th April to Sunday, 3rd May – 02 Pm (Release time) :

This will be a fun session with celebrities like Piyush Mishra, Annup Sonii, Aanjjan Srivastav, Kamya Panjabi and more discussing anything and everything under the sun. Anchored by Atul Satya Koushik, these sessions will also probe into how these celebs are spending their lockdown period.


Tuesday, 28th April to Sunday, 3rd May – 08 Pm (Release time) :

This is truly a lockdown jackpot! Some exciting, funny, bold and thought provoking stories such as Chai Biskut, Chatter Box, Kaali Shalwar and more will be released under this segment.


Tuesday, 28th April to Sunday, 3rd May – 10 Pm (Release time) :

Apart from the great content, FTS's plays are known for its original music. On this platform, will be released the most appreciated songs such as "Mujhse Peheli si Mohabbat" from Ballygunge 1990 and "Os Banke" from Pajama Party and many more for the audience to enjoy these songs in the comfort of their homes and save in their playlists for listening on loop experience.


Wednesday, 29th April to Sunday, 3rd May – 11 Pm (Release time):

FTS has been very famous for organizing soulful Qawwali concerts with some of the most famous qawwals of India. The festival will see releases of some concerts by Nizami Bandu, Nizami Brothers and Hamsar Hyat Nizami. Not just these, there is going to be a special release of an in-house concert called Sound of Stage which is a blend of the best songs and poetry from all the Plays of the group along with others.


Thursday, 30th April to Sunday, 3rd May – 11:30 PM - Live Event :

This will be a late night live event witnessing some beautiful musical pieces and recitations of poems by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Nida Fazli, John Elia etc. It will also feature live performances by Sufi Nizami Brothers of Indian Idol fame and Ravi Rao from Ravi Shankar's Dhwani Collective Band. This event will also feature on-request performances.


Monday, 27th April to Sunday, 3rd May :

Another regular feature of RANG is competitive events. This year, there are two of these: On Point: Storytelling competition and On Face: Acting competition Participation is through registration and three winners under each event will be awarded with cash prizes too! Winners will be decided basis the maximum social media reach their story or acting piece gets.

Main Artistes : Piyush Mishra, Annup Sonii, Kamya Panjabi, Aanjjan Srivastav, Arvind Gaur, Dr. M Sayed Alam, Jatin Sarna, Vikas Bahari, Priyanka Sharma.

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