Theatre Speaks

Amit Behl

"It's always been vibrant, multilingual, varied performance spaces, every auditorium with its own history, the healthy competition, the only place in the country where a successful play can have countless runs." read more...

Theatre Speaks

Imran Rasheed

"In Pakistan I had best Mughlai when I went to perform JASMA ODHAN, and best Chinese in Taipei when we went to perform KHWAB SA." read more...

Theatre Speaks

Janak Toprani

"Venues like Prithvi that were meant to promote young talent have deviated from their original purpose...they pamper established players who ideally should have shifted to other venues making way for youngsters" read more...

Theatre Speaks

Aman Gupta

"once during the performance of JAAT HI POOCHHO SADHU KI, in the climax I forgot my dialogue and had to ask my co-actor In the scene about my next line during the audience laughter." read more...

Theatre Speaks

Abhishek Pattnaik

"My entire team is a foodie. we are all young and have a great appetite. when we travel we discuss food, films and theatre." read more...

Theatre Speaks

Suruchi Aulakh

"I interacted with the ghost/spirit of a character I played in 3, SAKINA MANZIL, a play by Ramu Ramanathan. The character was based on a real person whose story, life and times we used in the play." read more...

Theatre Speaks

Preeta Mathur

"The most significant was when Dineshji was in hospital and we were performing two shows of HAI MERA DIL at Prithvi." read more...

Theatre Speaks

Saif Hyder Hasan

"My biggest learning has been goof up on stage but goof up with such conviction that the audience does not realize what has happened since it does not have a script." read more...

Theatre Speaks

Rasika Agashe

"Due to my Sanskrit graduation, I read many Indian classical plays.. same goes with Greek and American classics, but I think i should read more." read more...

Theatre Speaks

Asif Ali Beg

"lots of bloopers....but the best one was me falling off the stage plonk into the lap of a startled audience member!!" read more...

Theatre Speaks

Joy Sengupta

"I have never been so embarrassed ever, as I learnt the lesson, that, hard hard hard work in the rehearsal space, is irreplaceable..." read more...

Theatre Speaks

Pathy Aiyar

"Tears flowed down a woman's face during my solo on Bhagat Singh, when I talked about the massacre in Jallianwala Bagh." read more...

Theatre Speaks

Veena Bakshi

"MHAIS by PuLa is just so challenging to do and has the right elements for stage...." read more...

Theatre Speaks

Vipul Mahagaonkar

"Now my adda is Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Kala Kendra's Geeta Bhavan where we read stories, recite poems and stage plays..." read more...

Theatre Speaks

Chitransh Pawar

"Batata Wada and cutting chai tells us that we don't have enough money in theatre and I don't think it will change soon" read more...

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