Seminar on Henrik Ibsen at the first Ibsen Festival in Mumbai: 'The Task and Temptation of Adapting, Translating and Performing Ibsen'...

October 13, 2014 3:35:44 PM IST
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As part of the first Ibsen Festival in Mumbai from 31st October to 3rd November 2014, at the Sophia Bhabha Auditorium, Ila Arun's Antardhwani productions in collaboration with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Delhi, will conduct a seminar on Ibsen. Since Literature and Drama students and theatre people in India have had a brush with Ibsen, the seminar presents an opportunity to discuss subjects such as translating, adapting and performing Ibsen and interact with Norwegian performers.

Ibsen has been adapted in several languages in India, the first probably being Shombhu Mitra's PUTUL KHELA, an adaptation of A DOLL'S HOUSE in Bengali. Various adaptations have proved that Ibsen's ideas and vision of society have a great relevance to Indian society too. The seminar 'The Task and Temptation of Adapting, Translating and Performing Ibsen' focuses on the difficulties and triumphs of adaptation of this great writer, covering different aspect such as language, music, rhyme and metre, characterisation, folk lore and locales.

On the panel there are some of the best known Ibsen actors and musicians from Norway; there is Kåre Conradi hailed by critics as " the greatest of Ibsen actors of the age", and "who doesn't use Ibsen to expose his talent, but his talent to expose Ibsen."

Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer along with award-winning pianist Helge Lien, interprets Ibsen's themes in jazz, and has been noted for "sparse portraits in sound with unworldly interplays between piano and voice."

Astri Ghosh, translator, journalist, teacher, based in Goa. She translates from Hindi, Bengali and Urdu to Norwegian and English. She is currently translating 12 plays of Ibsen into Hindi.

Prof. Ellen Rees, is Professor of Ibsen studies at the University of Oslo's Centre for Ibsen Studies. Current research focuses adaptations of Ibsen's work into various genres such as film, literature, drama and comics.

Ila Arun, actor, singer, composer, writer. She has adapted several European plays into Hindi; she has adapted two Ibsen plays: MAREECHIKA from THE LADY FROM THE SEA and PEER GYNT as PIR GHANI.

KK Raina, actor, and director of Surnai Theatre Group, has been the backbone of two adaptations and performances of Ibsen- MAREECHIKA and PIR GHANI.

Michael Edison Haydon is an American playwright, novelist, and a connoisseur of modern music. He has adapted Ibsen's play GHOSTS.

Manoj Shah is a well-known director in Gujarati theatre. He has directed THE MASTER BUILDER.

The seminar shall be divided into two sessions. The first session starts at 10.30 am with coffee and registration. Taking off from the theme of the seminar, the panelists will discuss the various aspects of Ibsen in different contexts. The audience is free to ask questions and give their comments.

There will be a lunch break at 1pm. The post-lunch session will have two sessions- the first dealing with Ibsen and music, which will be chaired by Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer and the second on the Actor in Ibsen's plays and interpreting and performing Ibsen. Kåre Conradi will conduct this session with thoughts on his performances of Ibsen, especially PEER GYNT.

These presentations will be interactive, with readings, music and extracts from Ibsen's plays.

All theatre lovers, students, or anybody who is interested in Ibsen are welcome to attend but must register. Registration can be done on the day of the seminar. Registration fees apply. Students can avail of a discount on presentation of a valid ID card.

*Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for change in schedule.

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